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Judged By His Peers As One Of The Leading Forensic Alarm And Security Experts

Jeffrey ZwirnJeffrey Zwirn is nationally acclaimed as being one of the leading forensic alarm and security experts in the country by both industry peers and the New York City Police Department [NYPD].  Zwirn has been an Active Designated Expert Instructor for the New York City Police Department’s Crime Prevention Section’s Basic Methods of Security Course (BMOS) for [20] twenty years

For more than forty [40] years,  Zwirn has been involved in the security survey, needs analysis, recommendations, design, installation, programming, service, repair, testing, maintenance and central station monitoring  of more than 3,000 security systems, including, but not limited to burglar alarms, fire alarm and life safety systems, ambush, panic, and holdup systems, safe and vault security systems, UL Certificated Burglar Alarm Systems, Personal Emergency Response Systems, medical alarms; video surveillance systems, access control systems, and all types of electronic security systems which are designed and/or intended to help minimize and/or eliminate property loss, serious personal injury, and death through natural, manmade and/or criminal events.

Importantly, since 1980, Zwirn has utilized his specialized education, skill, knowledge, training, experience, and credentials in thousands of cases and claims around the country. Against the foregoing backdrop, Zwirn is regularly called upon to perform forensic investigations whereby there are allegations that the security and/or fire alarm system failed, and/or where fraud is suspected. He is then able to forensically analyze end-to-end aspects of the particular fact pattern and the subject security system, as to its design, recommendations, installation, programming, testing, inspection, maintenance, service, repair, and central station monitoring; and then both professionally, scientifically and technically conclude how certain actions, inactions, methodologies, and/or practices resulted, and/or did not result, as being a significant proximate cause to the damages sustained. He has scientifically and technically used forensic analysis of alarm and security systems in a variety of cases and claims, including arson, fraud, subrogation, property loss, serious personal injury, death, criminal actions, and in murder investigations.

As an advocate for alarm and security education, Zwirn uses his specialized background in forensics to not only professionally, scientifically and technically perform these investigations, but to educate alarm companies, system integrators, installers, technicians, upper management, central station operators and supervisors,  security professionals, special investigators, authorities having jurisdiction [AHJ] and law enforcement in how to help avoid and/or minimize the loss of property, serious personal injury, and death, where the use of both electronic security systems and/or physical security is in force. In addition, forensic indicators of fraudulent activity and defects and irregularities for all types of alarm and security systems is also integral to Zwirn’s vast training curriculums as well.

Zwirn has shared his forensic expertise through seminars and workshops across the country and utilizes case studies from his forensic files to help companies and professionals understand how to properly recommend, design, install, program, maintain, and monitor all types of alarm and security systems, thus helping to deter crime, protect assets, minimize serious personal injury, and save lives.

In 2015 Zwirn was honored by his peers to be selected by ASIS International, [the world’s largest security organization] to present a workshop entitled, How Secure Are Your Security Systems? Zwirn used behind-the-scenes and real world forensic information and Alarm Science, in order to demonstrate the criticality of proper alarm and security system methodologies, advanced electronic countermeasures to highly skilled circumvention techniques utilized by the criminal element, and with regards to the proper training, and supervision of alarm and security professionals, before they are put in a position of trust to provide these mission critical systems.

The authoritative Alarm Science Manual®, by Jeffrey Zwirn is the only scientific and educational curriculum based on Alarm Science to be adopted and accepted by the New York City Police Department (NYPD), [the nation’s leader in law enforcement], as part of their training program. It was also peer reviewed by a vast multitude of industry, security, and legal experts across the country.

The Alarm Science Manual® has been nationally lauded as being one of the most important training books available for alarm, security, forensic, and law enforcement professionals as well, and has served as the basis of advanced educational programs created by Zwirn, which have been presented nationally; and at John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Center for Private Security and Safety, Eastern Kentucky University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Kean University.