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Inheriting Someone Else’s Problem Part II

Below is the continuation of an excerpt from, The Alarm Science Manual, by Jeffrey Zwirn! The next step in analyzing this fact pattern would be to determine what services your company actually agreed to perform for this customer, and what was not provided. Moreover,... read more

Inheriting Someone Else’s Problem

When taking over an existing account, there can be complications. How old is the system you are connecting to? Are parts still available if the customer needs service in the future? Has the system been maintained and tested on a regular basis? What, if any, changes... read more

In Security We Trust

An alarm company’s success should not be based solely on the number of installations it performs or how much equipment it gives away for “free,” but rather on its ability to provide real security to each and every one of its customers. Here’s a quick quiz for all... read more

9 Tips for Designing Panic Alarm Systems

Excerpt taken from The Alarm Science Manual, available for purchase on! 1. Perform a proper security survey and needs analysis of the property. 2. Select the proper equipment, and understand all manufacturer specifications, UL and other requirements. For... read more

Preparing Your Customers For An Ambush

What is something that will not cost your alarm company any more money to enable or monitor, but can definitely help protect against future liabilities? It is the programming of a control panel’s ambush feature. This simple practice could save the lives of your... read more

Why Should You Care About Alarm Science?

Alarm Science, at its core, is helping to scientifically and technically ensure that electronic security and life safety systems will operate as intended, and most importantly, when needed in an emergency. Likewise, Alarm Science further helps ensure the appropriate... read more