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Alarm Science, at its core, is helping to scientifically and technically ensure that electronic security and life safety systems will operate as intended, and most importantly, when needed in an emergency. Likewise, Alarm Science further helps ensure the appropriate notification of the subscriber and the local authorities of the emergency at hand.  

Each security system can, and will, be subject to its own unique variables and differing fact patterns for the subject premises. Similarly, each forensic case has its own special and unique set of facts, and there may be other considerations surrounding the circumstances relating to the incident or the particular loss at hand, which need to be evaluated.

In some of the case studies presented, the security alarm system was deemed to have functioned as intended. However, it is not at all fortuitous that in other situations with the same equipment, the system failed. To that end, all of these factors must first be scientifically and technically analyzed in order to determine the resultant factors, including but not limited to, potentially dangerous and/or serious defects and irregularities that were incorporated into the overall system by the alarm installing company, its technicians, the central monitoring station, the criminals and/or others involved. Likewise, the element of fraud potential must also be investigated when certain indicators of the aforementioned are identified by a trained investigator and/or where there is a highly atypical and/or unusual fact pattern and/or motive for the subscriber to “set up” the security system for failure.

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